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Sour Dough celebrates the rich flavors of sourdough-based breads and pastries, alongside vegetable-centric salads and more.  

Sour Dough’s baked goods are uniquely all made from sourdough starters over 30 years old. More than just a bakery,


Sour Dough offers a rotating array of vegan salads and vegan soups alongside hearty sandwiches boasting bold flavors and colorful ingredients.


Located at 80 Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai, Sour Dough is open for takeaway and dine-in seven days a week 8am-8:30pm.



Gérard Dubois, first opened La Rose Noire Pâtisserie in Hong Kong in 1991, before extending the brand to Passion in 2012 and going on to cultivate one of the world’s largest global up-market bakery and pastry enterprises. His decades of knowledge, exploration, and passion for flavors and pastries culminate in his newest creation, Sour Dough. All of the bread and baked goods on offer at the new artisan deli are made from one of three varieties of sourdough starters (rye, white, and dark brown) that have been lovingly tended to for over 30 years.


Although this long-fermented dough has achieved new heights of fame in the past couple of years, it is one of the oldest forms of leavened bread, dating back to 3700 BCE in ancient Egypt. Besides its deep and rich flavor, there are good reasons for sourdough’s staying power, this yeast-free dough can create delicious bread full of holes with a firm springy crust that is easier to digest than traditional bread as well as being nutrient dense with iron, zinc, and magnesium.


Unique to Sour Dough are baked goods made from sourdough, such as Sour Dough Croissants, a Raspberry Rhubarb Mille Feuille with Tahitian vanilla cream (dine-in only), and a Mille Feuille Tart with Bitter Orange. Because all doughs used are created from a sourdough base, the croissants, pastries, and danishes from Sour Dough are naturally healthier iterations with 50% less sugar and sodium than their classic counterparts.


Needless to say, Sour Dough offers a traditional range of its namesake breads including white, dark rye, and multigrain loaves alongside some more imaginative creations such as the Chocolate Sourdough Bread with Cranberries.

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With delicious bread comes stunning sandwiches. Sour Dough boasts a selection of freshly made sandwiches not bound by geography. Carnivores will delight in the unique flavors of the Chicken Tikka which layers roasted tikka marinated chicken with Greek yogurt and apricot chutney on tomato and olive sourdough focaccia bread, in addition to a hot-pressed Cubano offering truly authentic Caribbean flavors with sliced ham, slow-roasted pulled pork, pickles, and swiss cheese between a sourdough ciabatta and a Pastrami Sauerkraut served warm on dark rye sourdough. Those looking for plant-based options will delight in the fully vegan Caponata and tofu and the Grilled Garden Veggie Sandwiches.

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Although 30% of Sour Dough’s menu is completely plant-based, including its rotating-range of fully vegan salads, it would be remiss to think that these dishes weren’t created with flavor, texture, and satisfaction at the forefront. The selection of vegan salads holds a cross-border appeal for even the most fervent carnivores. The palette of flavors featured are unapologetically loud, layered, and bright.


The Sour Dough Garden Salad is a hearty take on a Panzanella with umami packed sourdough croutons, leafy greens and herbs, lightly pickled onions, and quinoa tied together with a bright and balanced dressing; the Roasted Beetroot & Pumpkin salad is a flavorful mix of spices and roasted root vegetables; and the The Black Bean Quinoa is a bright mix of black beans, chopped herbs, quinoa, cherry tomatoes and avocados in a zesty lime dressing. Because it would be difficult to choose only one, salad boxes are available in small  and large and French Ham, Smoked Salmon, Provolone Cheese, or are available for additional toppings.


Gérard Dubois says of Sour Dough, “this is a culmination of all of my years’ experience in bread, pastries, and love for good food. It is a love letter to sourdough and a recognition that people don’t just eat with their mouths, we eat with our eyes, nose, and soul.”


In addition to breads, pastries, salads, soups and sandwiches Sour Dough dishes up a selection of dine-in meals such as Sour Dough Croque Monsieur, Hot Reuben Sour Dough Sandwich and Smoked Salmon on Sour Dough. To accompany each meal, the restaurant serves 100% organic and fair trade coffees, a selection of teas, wine, and beer.


Sour Dough is an artisan deli serving imaginative flavors and top quality ingredients in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner with a focus on bold flavors, techniques and exuberant vegetables. Located at 80 Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai, Sour Dough is open for takeaway and dine-in seven days a week 8am-8:30pm.

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